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Please see a list of topics below covering our most frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


What is ChilliDrive?

ChilliDrive is a reduced-premium car insurance policy that uses telematic app technology to rate your driving skills.

How does it work?

The ChilliDrive policy is a telematics policy which means your journeys are recorded via the ChilliDrive app and blue tooth beacon, which rates your driving skills.

We believe that technology is there to make life easier, so we don’t use a clunky black box like many other telematics policies. The ChilliDrive app records each journey you make, measuring smoothness, anticipation, cornering and speed and will then generate a score, from 1-5 at the end of each trip. After you’ve clocked up 100 miles, the app will give you an overall profile score between 1-100 that represents your driving.

How will I get my score?

A. After each journey, the app generates a trip score of between 1-5 and a helpful map showing you where you did well or struggled. A record of these can be found in the ‘Trips’ tab. After you record 100 miles, you will get an overall profile score out of 100 that represents your driver rating. Speed influences your driving the most followed by acceleration then braking then cornering. To see the fastest improvement in your scores, drive at or below the speed limits and accelerate moderately.

  • A score of 30-50: This is considered an average driver score, but don’t worry, we want to help you get better and we’ll provide tips that will help you improve your skills.
  • A score of 50 +: This is considered an above average driver, and we’ll continue to give handy tips to help you maintain and improve your driving.
  • A score of 80 +: Congrats! This is considered an excellent rating and we’ll advise how you can maintain this.
  • A score of 30 <: This is considered a poor rating, falling below 30 will be a possible cancellation of your policy by your insurer. A member of our ChilliDrive Support Team will be in touch to talk to you about this and provide advice.

Where can I buy a ChilliDrive policy?

You can get your online quote today or you can call us on 03452 303030. When you purchase your policy, we will email your documents to you!

Who’s in charge of ChilliDrive?

ChilliDrive is an Autoline policy. The Policy and Website are owned and operated by Autoline Direct Insurance Consultants Limited (“Autoline”) of 2 Ashtree Enterprise Park, Rathfriland Road, Newry, Co Down, BT34 1BY, Northern Ireland. Email: enquiries[AT]autoline[DOT]co[DOT]uk, Telephone: +44 (0)28 3026 6333

Do we share your data?

We do not share, trade or transfer your personally identifiable data to outside parties. Your personally identifiable data always stays within the EU. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, servicing you or conducting our business. Any 3rd party we use also agrees to keep your information confidential and safe. We may release your information to comply with the law or to enforce our website policies, or to protect our rights or others rights, personal safety or property. Non-personally identifiable visitor information and usage information may be shared with other parties for marketing, promotion or other uses.

Where does the ChilliDrive app work?

The app works in Northern Ireland, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

We are testing Europe and the rest of the world, so if you find yourself abroad, please share your ChilliDrive app experiences with us via email support[AT]chillidrive[DOT]com or call 028 302 59047.

When should I use my app?

Your app must be downloaded within three days of purchasing your policy. YOU MUST USE YOUR APP FOR ALL JOURNEYS. Failure to do so may result in increased excess or reduced insurance cover. Please check your policy terms and conditions for details.

How do I log in for the first time?

The first time you use the app, you will need to set your password. Please use a memorable and secure password – a mix of numbers and letters is best. After logging in, we’ll send you an email to verify your email address. Click on this to activate your app - easy! Just make sure you use the email given when you purchased your policy.

How do I get the app?

Download the ChilliDrive app by clicking on the download link sent to phone by SMS within 24 hours of policy purchase, preferably by midnight on the inception day of policy. Or, you can search and download the ChilliDrive from the Google Play Android app store or the Apple App Store. Register your name, mobile number, email address, and set a password to activate. Make sure that your name, mobile number, and email address match the details given on inception of the policy. Get your first 100 miles under your belt to start generating your driving score.

Downloading the app

When I clicked on 'accept' after downloading the most recent version of the App, I received a 'Not found' message - what do I do now?

Please contact the ChilliDrive Support Team by email support[AT]chillidrive[DOT]com, or call 028 302 59047

I keep getting the message 'Your account has not yet been fully activated. Please see your email for further instructions' under my trip section and I can't record my trips - what do I do?

During the login process, you should have received an email that asked you to verify your account. That email includes an ACCEPT and a DECLINE link. In order for the account to be fully activated the link ACCEPT should be clicked and a response message will say whether the account has been activated. This should be done in the most recent email as the links in any previous emails will no longer be valid. Once the ACCEPT link is clicked you should see a message like the following "Your ChilliDrive app has been activated. If you have any difficulties then please email support[AT]chillidrive[DOT]com or call the ChilliDrive support number." Once you see this message refresh your app (by pulling down in the trips or home screen) and you should be able to record/view trips and upload images.

I’m getting an error message that says

Hmm, that’s not good. Make sure:

  • Your phone is connected to Wifi.
  • Your mobile number is between 11-20 characters and doesn’t have any spaces.
  • Your email address is correct with no spaces.
  • Your password has 6 or more characters.

How do I reset my app password?

Select the ‘reset password’ option in the ChilliDrive app and then re-enter your email address when prompted. You’ll shortly receive an email asking you to verify the password reset; click on the link included in this email and voilà - your password has now been re-set! Still having trouble? Give the ChilliDrive Support Team a call on 028 30259047. One of our helpful team members will be happy to assist you.

Recording your trips

Not all of my trips are recording – what should I do?

The next time you start your journey, make sure your phone is close enough to your Chilli-Beacon to register. Listen out for the start ‘beep'. Check your phone settings, ensure blue tooth, GPS and location services are on and that you’re not using the low power mode.

If your trips are still not being recorded, start them manually in this instance by pressing the green button under the Drive tab in the app. The button will turn red once indicating that the app is waiting for the journey to start. Once you start moving, the timer will begin to time your journey. When you’ve completed your journey, call the ChilliDrive Support Team on 028 30259047 as soon as possible to notify them and they will give you a helping hand. Remember that very slow or very short trips (0.3 miles or less) are filtered out and not recorded.

How do I start my trip?

A.You don’t need to worry about remembering to start and stop recording your journey each time - your ChilliBeacon does this for you. The ChilliBeacon is a small coin shaped device that can be left in your car in the glove box or centre console. Your beacon will be sent to you by the ChilliDrive support team, and you’ll receive it within five business days of purchasing the policy. Once paired with the app and placed in the car, the app will automatically start recording your trips each time you drive. A notification will arrive each time so you can stop the trip being recorded, which is useful, if you’re not the main driver.


I keep getting a low score, but I'm a careful driver – why?

Your score can be low for many reasons. For example, bad turns, bad acceleration, sudden braking and even speeding. If you have any concerns, please call the ChilliDrive Support Team on 028 30259047 to request in depth details of your trips. The ChilliDrive Support team can advise you on the weaknesses with specific journeys.

When I turn a sharp corner, the app says I'm driving badly – why?

It depends on how you brake when turning a corner. A cornering score is based on how much you brake while you are turning (e.g. at a junction) or going round a bend in the road. If you brake heavily while doing this, it will count against your score. If you brake before a bend and keep your speed down as you continue around the bend or corner, you will get a higher cornering score.

What do the numbers I get at the end of my trip mean?

As mentioned, you will be awarded a trip score between 1-5 at the end of each journey you make that will be visible in the "Trips" tab in the app, with 5 being the highest. A score of 1 is the lowest and some coaching advice is displayed to the right of the score. A list of your specific poor driving ‘events’ are listed under the main score to show you where exactly you went wrong which we hope will help give you guidance and help in improving your driving. Tapping an ‘event’ will show the location on the map where you where the incident occurred. Speeding events are not shown on the map just yet because of map licence restrictions - watch this space! After 100 miles of driving, you will get a main profile score as well as the underlying sub factor scores. See Q. How will I get my score? for more.

Photo Verification

I tried to verify my app by taking a picture but it won't work – why?

Take some time to set up your shot correctly. Check the lighting, tap the screen to focus your camera and keep your hand still while taking the picture and for a few seconds afterwards. Make sure you’ve agreed to let the app use your camera and that your phone does not have auto-rotate on because you won’t be able to rotate to landscape. For driving licence pics, make sure that there’s no glare as we need to be able to see all information clearly. It’s best to lay your license on a flat surface and ensure it fits within the template.

What does the Photo Verification on the ChilliDrive app do?

The Photo Verification function on your ChilliDrive app helps us know everything we need to about you and your vehicle. Follow Photo Verification instructions on your app and complete photo verification on inception of your ChilliDrive policy.

What if I have an accident?

You can access instant SOS help from your ChilliDrive app. You will be linked with our friendly call centre. Don’t forget to phone 112 (was 999) first if this situation is dangerous or someone is hurt. Remember to capture details of your accident. The ChilliDrive Accident Reporter will help you capture images of what’s happened. Not only will the images be saved in your phone’s camera folder, but they will also be automatically uploaded to your insurer.

Tech Details

How much data will this all use?

Less than you might expect! It should use less than 1MB per month from your data plan. ChilliDrive sends trip data to the servers at the end of your trip or when you next have mobile coverage. You can also change your app settings to ‘use Wi-Fi only for data uploads’ so your data will not be used.

What is the minimum operating system requirements for the app?

Android -
The minimum requirements are Android 4.3 or later (API level 18) and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy).

Apple -
The minimum requirement is iOS 7.0. and the beacon will only work with the Apple 4s or later models.

Windows -
The app is not currently compatible with Windows phones.

The app only works with mobile phones and is not suitable for use on a tablet or iPad.

What are the memory requirements to run the App?

Android - The app size is approximately 12Mb.

IOS - The app size for iOS is approximately 26Mb.

Can I make or receive calls while recording a trip with the app?

The app will not interfere with your ability to make a call but we would recommend you only use your phone when you are safely parked as even drivers using a hands-free device are slower at recognising and reacting to hazards.

Can I lock my phone while I drive?

The app will run in the background when the phone is locked. With the beacon, the app automatically starts once you get in the car so there is no need to touch your phone.

The Chillibeacon

What is the Chilli drive beacon?

The ChilliDrive beacon is a small disc that stays in your car and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It automatically starts recording your journeys when you get in your car.

How do I pair my ChilliBeacon?

Activate BlueTooth and GPS on your phone. Pull the pull tag from the ChilliBeacon and place it close to your phone. Place your finger on the beacon symbol on the bottom left of the ChilliDrive App screen. A message will say ‘ChilliDrive – searching for a beacon’. When message reads 'ChilliDrive – Beacon found. Would you like to pair with this beacon?’, press YES. If the app asks ‘Allow ChilliDrive to access your location even when you are not using the App? / Allow this app to use GPS and detect a Beacon’, press ALLOW. You are now paired! Put the ChilliBeacon in a safe place in your car and keep your Bluetooth switched on at all times. The app will now automatically record your trips once it is in proximity to the beacon.

Other Questions

Will the police be informed if I speed?

We do not use your data as a speed camera and we will not release your data to the police unless we are required to do so by law or a court order.

Is big brother watching me?

We understand that some people feel uneasy about having their journeys recorded, but we are not interested in where you are going but how you are driving! Your journeys are recorded and broken down for you so that you can see where you have made mistakes and where you can improve.

Do I need to use the app on all journeys?

Yes, it is a requirement that the app is used on all journeys no matter how short.

Do you need to charge the Beacon?

No. The beacon battery should last well over the 12 month term of your insurance policy.

How do I check my individual scores?

Go into the app. Click ‘Trips’ along the taskbar. Your most recent journeys will be displayed along with your score. If you click into each trip you will see a breakdown of trip events and a comment on your driving and where you can improve.

How are your journeys scored?

Journeys are scored using the following factors, Speeding, Acceleration, Braking, and cornering. The factors are rated as follows:


I have bought a new mobile device which replaces my current one. Do I need to do anything?

Yes. You need to ensure the new mobile device uses IOS or android operating systems, we would recommend you do this before you buy the new device. Simply uninstall the App from your registered mobile device and install the App on your new mobile device following the installation guide. Once you have signed in and verified your identity, your previous trip data and Driving score will be restored to your new device.

What if my battery dies?

It is your responsibility to make sure your phone is charged. If you are driving without recording the journey, you are liable for a £1000 excess in the event of a collision. If this is an ongoing problem, we would suggest getting a charger for your car to ensure you can always use the app.

Do I need Bluetooth switched on?

Yes. You need to have your Bluetooth switched on at all times, even if you are not driving.

What do I do If I am missing a journey?

Open the trips tab in your app, pull down the screen to refresh, if you still cannot see your trip call the ChilliDrive support team for assistance. 028 30259047 You will need 3G or 4G or be connected to WiFi for your journeys to upload.

My phone is broken, is my insurance still valid?

All journeys must be recorded with your ChilliDrive app. If your phone is broken, lost or damaged it is your responsibility to get it replaced as soon as possible. Your insurer will impose an additional excess if an incident occurs and the app is not in operation.

I won’t be driving for one month, will this affect my score / policy?

We expect to see trips recorded regularly. If there are no trips a score cannot be provided. If you will be off the road it is very important you notify the ChilliDrive Support team of the reason why you are not driving and for how long. If we see that you are not using the app and we have not been informed that you are off the road then we may need to add and additional premium to your policy or issue a cancellation letter.

My app keeps signing out, what do I do?

Call the ChilliDrive Support team for assistance. 028 30259047.

The full distance of my journey has not recorded, why not?

There are many factors which can influence the length of journey recorded such as GPS signal, speed limit met, time spent in traffic, auto start or manually recording.

My beacon is paired but my journeys aren’t being recorded?

Sometimes due to phone software upgrades you beacon can un-pair. Signing out of your app can also influence your beacon. If you have recently upgraded your phone software or signed out of the app, please re-pair your beacon.

I have tried to take my photos, it won’t work, I can see a grey screen, what should I do?

You will see a grey screen if you have disabled rotation settings on your phone. Please enable rotation and this grey screen will disappear.

Do I have to upload all the photos?

Your insurer expects your photos to be uploaded within 48hours of purchasing the policy, all photos marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Do I need data on my phone to use the app?

No, GPS does not need data to work. You only need data to if you want to upload trips over 3G or 4G network. You can instead set your app to Wi-Fi uploads only. Your trips are then stored on the app until you refresh the trips screen in a Wi-Fi area.

I am trying to pair my beacon, it reads searching, what should I do?

Make sure you have the beacon beside the phone and that you have pulled the plastic tab out of the ChilliBeacon. Check that your phone has Bluetooth switched on and that it is not in low power mode.

If your beacon still cannot be paired, please call the ChilliDrive Support team on 028 302 59020

My journey reads processing, why can’t I see my journey or score?

At very busy times or when the system is undergoing upgrades, your trips may show as processing instead of giving you a score. If this happens don’t panic as all the data has been captured and transmitted but it is just taking a bit longer than usual to give you your score. If you are worried about this, please contact the ChilliDrive support team on 028 302 59020.


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