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Who Needs It?

I'm a Young Driver

Many young drivers cannot afford their own car insurance policy. With a significant discount given upfront, ChilliDrive makes getting your own policy much more affordable and possible! What’s more, it gives young drivers the freedom, independence, and flexibility they dream of after passing their driving test, allowing them to collect their friends and without having to rely on lifts from parents and family members. With ChilliDrive, young drivers are able to make one of the first big steps into adulthood in a more affordable way.

My Child is a young driver

The cost of insurance is hugely important, but for a parent, safety is key. Knowing your child’s driving is being continually monitored gives you peace of mind, as does knowing they can review their journeys to see constant improvement over the life cycle of the policy. Without ChilliDrive many parents can’t afford to get their child insured, so they’re unable to build up confidence and expertise as a driver, as well as their own No Claims Discount. Parents also report that being responsible for fewer lifts gives them more free time of their own, and that’s invaluable!

I Don't Have a No Claims Bonus

Drivers of any age with zero no claims bonus find it hard to find affordable car insurance. If you have just passed your test or you have returned from a few years living abroad, ChilliDrive could provide you with discounted insurance, making it possible for you to insure your car in your own name and start building up your no claims bonus.


ChilliDrive is great for young drivers, but it’s not just teenagers that stand to benefit from the features of this innovative product...


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