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How to up your Password game


Posted on 21/02/17

LBH, there are 2 kind of internet users.

The one who uses one password for everything ..... and that password is some riff on 'Password' 

-slow clap for you 

And woke bros, making different passwords for everything, forgetting, and spending literally hours of their lives refreshing gmail waiting for a re-set link. 

Become the NVP of cyber security with this system that will make your passwords more unforgettable than your first crush,and stronger and more unbreakable than a Nokia 3310

Here's how to seriously up your password game: 

1. Start with a word that is at least 8 letters long

2. Make a couple of the letters capitals. Maybe the first letter of each syllable so it's easy to remember

3. Replace one of the letters with a number

4. Replace a letter with a symbol !

5. Tailor the password to each site by using the first 2 or 3 letters of the website name. 

So for Facebook your password would look like this:

And Zayum! 

A killer,  super-strong password you can apply to any website and that you can figure out with a few seconds thought


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