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Make Halloween Huge this year with these Killer Events!


Posted on 28/09/17

We are obsessed with Halloween!!! 

Costumes, snacks, frights, pumpkin spice, all of it!

To feed our obsession, we like to cram the whole of October with as many Halloween related outings as possible! These are some of the fav spots on our Halloween hitlist: 

Fright Night 2017

Returning to Jungle NI in Magherafelt, Fright Night is back and scarier than ever! 

Start off on the ‘Woodland Trail of Terror’, and if you dare try out the other attractions  ‘The Slaughterhouse’ ‘Claustraforest’ and ….. ‘The Circus’. 

This is definitely not for everyone and you could be genuinely at risk of soiling yourself (bring spares).

Check out the trailer form last year to see if you could handle it. 

Trigger Warning: includes freaky clowns

Crumlin Road Gaol 

An abandoned gaol is pretty creepy the whole year round, but Crumlin Road are talking it to the next level with, not  just one, but two terrifying Halloween attractions. 

Jail of Horror is a Gruesome Scare attraction that combines a tour of the gaol with live actors trying their best to scare the absolute bejaysus out of you. 

Or check out the Paranormal Ghost Hunt – Halloween special. Apparently it’s one of Belfast’s most haunted buildings – if you believe in that sort of thing #nojudgement.  Channel your inner Derek Acorah as you witness live paranormal experiments in the gaol’s most hunted spots that include ‘The Tunnel’, the Infirmary and ‘The Hangmans Cell’ …… Gulp!



If you like your Halloween a bit more low key, then Pumkinfest is just the ticket! Taking place on October 21st at Castle Ward (of GOT fame), Pumpkinfest is a delightful day out with over 2,000 pumpkins ready for the picking, a scary scarecrow competition and load or artisanal crafts and foods on offer! 

Fitzpatrick's Halloween Scarefest

Fitzpatrick’s is a much beloved restaurant on the Cooley peninsula that has a pretty radical transformation in the run up to Halloween. 

This has the most creatively gruesome sites you can imagine  that  genuinely has to be seen to be believed.  See bodies be dismembered by evil pumpkins, an abandoned slaughterhouse and a human barbeque. The scares go from zero to 100 and you will leave screaming your head off. 

The absolute best thing about this is that it’s all in aid of local children’s charities. That means the whole thing is staffed by volunteers, most of them children – that’s right – creepy children - who absolutely delight in causing mayhem. 

This is definitely worth a visit. There will be a pretty long queue as it’s reputation has spread far and wide, but they sell a selection of their award winning food in the car park – we recommend the seafood chowder. It’s the best. 

Derry / Londonderry

Derry has established a reputation as the place to go on Halloween and it’s easy to see why. Everyone gets properly into it and it’s now become one of the biggest Halloween Carnivals in Europe!



The Hallowe’en Carnival Parade is just one huge costume party! The atmosphere on the streets is truly unique and the night life is other level, with almost all the bars and clubs hosting themed events!

This is not to be missed and something you should promise yourself to do at least once. 

Check this out for a flavour of what’s in store 

There are loads more spooky events lined up all over Northern Ireland so for more info, click here to see what's on. 

Don't get scared now .......

Take books. They are eye wateringly expensive but also essential for learning and stuff. The old you might just go to the shop and buy them. But the new you, ‘The Hustler’ can do better. Ask yourself:
Take books. They are eye wateringly expensive but also essential for learning and stuff. The old you might just go to the shop and buy them. But the new you, ‘The Hustler’ can do better. Ask yourself:
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