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Are You A Jack Or A Rose? Feel Like The King Of The World With Free Entry Into Titanic Belfast!


Posted on 03/11/17

Let’s just go ahead and get the elephant out of the room, shall we? There was MORE than enough room on that door for both Rose and Jack…

Plot holes aside, Titanic is easily one of the best-loved blockbusters in film history, and to celebrate its 20th anniversary Titanic Belfast is offering free entry – but on one condition!

Between 19th November and 19th December this year, anyone named Jack or Rose – or any variant of the two names - will be able to get into Belfast’s leading tourist attraction completely free of charge.

That means if you’re a Jacques, a Roisin, a Giovanni or a Rosamund you’re in luck! All you need to do is bring proof of your name in the form of ID like a passport, driving licence or birth certificate. You can see a full list of the names below:

The celebrations don’t stop there either, as Titanic Belfast is also hosting two unique afternoon tea events, plus a Movie Magic Trail where visitors can star in their very own Titanic experience.

There’s also a special Drive-In Movie Experience where you can watch the film screened on the exact spot where the original ship was designed, built and launched!

For the ultimate Titanic experience though, you’ll want to head to Australia next year, where billionaire Clive Palmer is busy building a real-life authentic replica of the infamous ship.

Called Titanic II (imaginative, eh?) it’ll come complete with Turkish baths and swimming pools like the original and relatives of famous passengers like J. Bruce Ismay and Molly Brown will be on board.

In our book though, is the experience really complete unless the ship crashes into an iceberg? We like our shows immersive, as in we’re immersed in ice cold water by the end. Now, where did that door go…?!

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